TriBalance is one of the largest yoga and fitness studios in the Chicagoland area offering over 100 classes a week. This studio is a gem and Lisa's first (and favorite) yoga home. Anura37 was thrilled to improve and streamline their online presence. Elements include a complete website re-design, reorganizing information architecture, MindBody app integration, and social media auto publishing.

View live site: www.tribalance.com
TriBalance website
TriBalance website

My experience working with Lisa, has not only been enjoyable, but her work exceeds my expectations every time. Lisa is sharp, creative and innovative in her design. She has a natural intuition for what changes are needed and her execution is at the cutting edge of what is aesthetically pleasing and desirable to the eye. Lisa helped my website redesign to be more concise, clear, simple and beautiful all at the same time. I can't thank her enough for creating a place for me to fully express my business through the experience one gets by visiting the website.

Cherlyn Coplon | LAc. Dipl.O.M. | TriBalance Acupuncture